The Greenwood Board of Trade was incorporated in 1899, just two years after the City of Greenwood itself was incorporated. Boards of Trade pre-date Chambers of Commerce, although they carry out exactly the same functions and operate under the same 'Boards of Trade Act'.

There are only a handful of BOT's left in British Columbia, in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, and in Greenwood — officially the smallest city of Canada! All other towns and cities in the province are represented by Chambers of Commerce.

The Greenwood Board of Trade promotes economic and community development, networks with local and regional businesses, provides small business support and benefits, and sponsors various local events.

Members of the Greenwood Board of Trade are automatically enrolled as members of three associated Chambers of Commerce:

2016-2017 Officers & Directors

Susan Charnell — President
Phone: (250) 449-5026

Jeff Fraser — Vice President

Janet Matsalla — Secretary

Michelle Mui — Treasurer

The next Annual General Meeting and election of officers
will be held on March 14, 2018.